At Beachtree Properties, we’re dedicated to helping guests create personalized stays and vacations at our one-of-a-kind hotels and inns.

Whether you’re a pathfinder wanting to escape the city lights, a spiritualist seeking mind and body balance, a culturalist yearning to expand your horizons, a foodie in search of authentic local flavors and festivals, or a self-challenger hunting for that unbelievable hike, bike, climb, ride or race… we’ve got a welcoming place for you.

Traveling alone? Looking for a romantic escape? Need to break away with best friends? Hoping this is the year you’ll find that “comfortable place” where the whole family—including Fido—can unwind, have fun and get to know each other again? There’s a Beachtree property that fits your travel wants and needs.

Each hotel offers a distinct character and charm. What sets them apart: local décor, geographic location, natural settings and local attractions, events and activities. What ties them together: well-appointed guest rooms, quality amenities and friendly, knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping you plan a memorable experience.

Our Mission

To anticipate, accommodate and personalize our guests’ travel experiences throughout our collection of diverse properties.

Our Vision

Feel at home, wherever you roam.